President Bush's Approval Rating Surges; Americans Attracted to Optimistic News on Iraq, Economy, and War Against Terror

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Our Holy Spirit speaks:

I AM in your world constantly working for outcomes which wonderfully serve everyone and everything in your world, outcomes of greater ultimate peace and joy than you can even begin to imagine. There is never any reason for pessimism ... unless of course you have an agenda which resists My Divine Power and Intelligence.

Are your news media professionals tirelessly negative, willing to see only what are believed to be things gone wrong or going wrong? That would be a very good reason to give no credence to your news media. I AM in your world working for good ... and I cannot fail.

Are your opposition political parties quick to attack when they think something is not working well, but so fearful of finding their past beliefs to be incorrect that they are blinded to the glorious future I have in store for your earth, and worthless in introducing the new inspirational ideas My Voice has offered? There is no reason to listen to them. I AM in your world offering what you would call 21st Century ideas which you have not yet been willing to consider ... and My Ideas will prevail.

I need only servants who will listen to My Voice, servants willing to hold themselves only in the optimism which is your natural state of being.

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Anonymous said...

God does not buy into politics. He is about loving all people. It is people like you that turn people off to christ and christianity. My parents would not hate christians so much if it were not for views like yours. I am sad that you call yourself a christian. Stop pointing fingers and give out a little love.