Socialist Evo Morales New President of Bolivia; Bolivians Scheduled to Learn Socialism is Dead End

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Our Holy Spirit speaks:

Dear ones, you are responsible for your prosperity. If you listen to My Voice and follow My Guidance, you will have everything you need and much more. If you look outside yourself, to your government for example, you are condemning yourself to littleness and poverty.

Socialism seeks to rob from those who listen to My Voice, those who would be great benefactors of the world. The robber's booty is then given to those who have been listening to their ego-vested interests and ignoring My Voice for Prosperity. It is the procedure of parasites which eat at their host until their host no longer has any life to give.

Being parasitic, socialism cannot long exist in a country. Socialism can only bring misery. Pray for your brother and sister Bolivians. They have made a choice which soon enough they will feel sorry they made. Your prayers will help.

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