Bush Looking Good; Democrats sabotaged by Pelosi, Dean, Murtha, and leftist Ideas

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Our Holy Spirit speaks:

I AM with you always. I support Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and liberals. I want the greatest glory for everyone. But those who refuse to listen to My Voice only sabotage themselves.

In America, I support a healthy, strong Democratic Party. But the leftists who have taken over the Democratic Party are neither healthy nor strong. They want an America that is dedicated to littleness.

Your Democratic Party likes to call itself the party of the little man. That would be true if Democrats recognized that every man is being called to raise himself from littleness to greatness, and can do so only by his own ingenuity and inspiration.

Only if Democrats could see beyond surface appearances and see true greatness in every man and woman could they be said to be the party of the little man. Only if Democrats would allow greatness, glorify greatness, and recognize that greatness creates a vacuum which pulls everyone up could they really be called the party of the little man.

But your Democratic Party leaders do not see in such a spiritual manner. They look only at surface appearances and see the little man only as stuck, victimized, and in need of their help. Thus they create government programs designed to render individual ingenuity and inspiration unnecessary. Thus they short-circuit natural environmental processes.

Since working against natural processes is a recipe for self-sabotage, it follows that current leftist Democratic leaders can only continue sabotaging the Democratic Party. But in time a stronger, healthier Democratic Party will emerge.

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