Israel: Ariel Sharon Hospitalized After Saying He Would Divide Jerusalem; Palestine Celebrates Hospitalization and Prays For Sharon's Death

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Our Holy Spirit speaks:

Dear ones, there is no death. Do you really think earth life is all there is? There are worlds upon worlds, heavens upon heavens, which you know not of as long as you are convinced the world you see is the only world there is.

I AM with you to teach you life everlasting. Jerusalem cannot be divided because Jerusalem is in your mind and a mind divided against itself can only be a surface appearance, not a reality. You will come to understand this as you learn to listen to My Voice.

Experiencing a totally united Jerusalem is your goal even though at this stage you know not what Jerusalem is or where to find it. Pray not for death, for you know not what you would be praying for. But pray for life as you could not have imagined it. Pray for a peace you couldn't have dreamed possible in a billion years. Then you might know Jerusalem as it really is.

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