Iraqi Insurgents Join Government; Only Democrats like Pelosi, Feingold, Kerry, and Murtha Continue Insurgency

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Our Holy Spirit speaks:

Dear ones, I AM with you always. I speak to you in a still small voice when your human intellect is disengaged. My Voice directs you very specifically. You are told all you need to know.

My Voice leads you only to thorough and complete victory. Your President Bush listens to My Voice reasonably well. Your leftist Democrats listen only to their ego-vested interests, and the ego always counsels littleness and fear of pursuing true greatness.

A healthy America requires a healthy Democratic Party whose members listen not to ego-vested theories but to My Voice which takes into account an overall picture they cannot even begin to see with human vision. Tell your Democratic leaders to get their arrogance out of the way, open spiritually, and listen to My Voice.

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Bryon Rogers said...

Are you insane, or are you being coy?

Brandon said...

look man, stop blogging. you are posting politically and ego driven post under the name of the holy spirit and that's bad. although you try and take a loving tone when you write, it's easy to see that you have other motives.

let's talk about egos. you have a big ego. your name “a christian prophet,” suggests that you feel you have been set aside. “called” to make this blog so you can share a messages from the holy spirit. messages that are always right and always divinely inspired. you seem to think very highly of your ability to hear from and speak for God. i think that it's this high opinion of yourself, that gives you the validity you need to think that you are hearing from God.

also you say “Although the Holy Spirit uses me to comment on political or cultural events, I have no agenda of my own, wanting nothing and only doing as told.” if this is true, you know what that makes you? FREAKING JESUS! you would be the most selfless human being since Christ. i would give up everything and follow you. but, i think you are probably just like every other person in the world. prone to selfish motives, mistakes, and sin in general.

i know you are just trying to do some good. but do you really think that the holy spirit is speaking to you so you can crank out a couple of posts a day. look at the people in the bible. they labored after revelation for years, not minutes.

don't stop blogging. but be a little more honest and transparent. don't speak for the holy spirit, speak for yourself. let people know what you are going through, what your struggling with, what you think. if you want to lead people to truth, you need to recognize that you are a beggar telling another beggar where to find bread.

Cynthia Antoinette said...

Hilarious! Now this is funny! Thanks, I needed to laugh--sometimes I take everything too seriously.

Heretic said...

Seperation of church and state, seems like a good idea now.

And listen to brandon there. He seems pretty sane.
Oh and BTW.

HolyInheritance said...

Hi Brandon!

Try saying this and meaning it: "I live for no other reason than to serve the light. I live for no other reason than to serve the light. I live for no other reason than to serve the light."

You will still be human. You will still have challenges from time to time. But you will come to live in an experience that you really, really, really want ... previously unimaginable peace, joy, and love.

You will know exactly what is your Holy Spirit's Voice and what is your human voice. You will experience how painful it is to follow your human voice, so you will endeavor all day long moment to moment to hear only your Holy Spirit's Voice.

You will receive revelation upon revelation almost as a constant. Your life will become a succession of miracle after miracle after miracle.

You will think of yourself as the greatest sinner on earth, yet feel incredibly blessed to have a force and power living through you that is sinless.

You'll know you are not Jesus. Not even close. But you'll know you are doing the work of Jesus.

Jesus needs many prophets, servants who are willing to be trained to want nothing for themselves, listen inside, and serve as instructed.

Jesus is calling you, Brandon. Hopefully you are not afraid to become a prophet because you fear being the blind leading the blind. I guarantee your Holy Spirit Who will speak through you is not blind, but sees all things.

A Christian Prophet said...

Thanks, Brandon. Occassionally I have toyed with the idea of blogging with just my own opinions, but then it really would be, as you say, a beggar talking to beggars. My personal opinions are seemingly always incorrect. It seems like the Holy Spirit is constantly teaching I am wrong. I have no idea what anything is for, and have no idea what is in my own best interests.

Just like myself, you can learn to listen inside to the voice of your heart and soul and being rather than listening to your intellect. Then you can verify what is written here. I assure you, the Holy Spirit doesn't let me insert any words of my own, but you don't know that. So set your intellect and your preconceived ideas aside, listen inside to your own inner voice and verify within yourself anything you read here.

Brandon said...

ok, you kids have a loving tone. but you sound like a couple of christian mystics/gnostic. there is a huge problem with believing that you reach a safe point in you spiritual existence. a point where you have gained enough spiritual experience/gnosis that you transcend normal human existence. the gnostics taught this, and from time to time "prophets" fall prey to this type of thinking.

i have a great deal of respect for the christian mystic teachings, but i am no fool. i will never transcend my human state. not by repeating a phrase over and over again. not by gaining gnosis. i am completely honest about who i am, i'm transparent. this is what people need to see. not flaky agenda driven prophets. but people who are real about their walk.

be real kids. be real.

A Christian Prophet said...

Thanks, Brandon. I don't know anything about gnosis or mysticism, but yes ... my personal experience sometimes seems so expanded beyond "normal" humanness that I am tempted to believe that "normal" humanness does not even come close to describing the real me.
Maybe its just semantics. But from the way you write, would I be correct in concluding that you are AFRAID of at least temporarily letting go of your "normal" humanness and experiencing a reality you couldn't have imagined possible?
If so, let me assure you there is nothing to be afraid of. You will still be able to function on earth even while experiencing far more of heaven than "normal" humans. But maybe its semantics.
One thing I'm sure you understand clearly is there are many prophets who are not 100% clear of ego when they are allowing the Holy Spirit's words. Since EVERYONE has inner hearing, listeners who are brutally honest know when a prophet is projecting ego rather than extending true wisdom. You believed, for example, I was projecting ego. So in a sense we are both prophets calling each other to honesty.
I don't worry about false prophets because I'd rather have them hearing 50% ego and 50% spirit than not listening inside at all and hearing 100% ego. I also totally trust that the Holy Spirit causes whatever adjustments are necessary. To the degree prophets happen to follow ego and not spirit, they create problems for themselves and find themselves having to pray for help and make necessary adjustments.
I don't think anyone starts out by saying, "I really want to be a prophet." I think they are called and get dragged into it kicking and screaming all the way. But the crucial thing is WANT NOTHING on earth. Because if you want something on an ego level, then you'll only hear your ego.
But for those who are willing to be trained to want nothing for themselves, I highly encourage allowing themselves to be developed by the Holy Spirit as prophets. It's very miraculous and wonderful work.
Your writing about total honesty and transparency brings me great joy, because that really is the key to eventually experiencing everything Jesus calls you to experience. Maybe instead of writing something like, "I am one who hears clearly..." I should have written, "I am the biggest jerk in the world." Would that have helped you listen more intently to the Holy Spirit's words?