Court of Appeals to Rule on Christmas

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Our Holy Spirit speaks:

Dear ones, My Voice guides you to build schools and provide education not with money that has been donated voluntarily but with money stolen through taxation, true or false? Listen inside.

My Voice guides you to support child slavery through compulsory education, true or false?

If you are listening carefully to My Voice you will hear that it is right and natural for parents to educate their children or be responsible for the education of their children. My Voice tells you it is highly unhealthy to attempt to abdicate responsibility by saying, "Oh, the government will handle it. Public schools will handle it."

Home schooling is the best moral alternative, allowing parents to know without question what their children are being taught. Private schools funded voluntarily offer a moral alternative in which parents can shop among various educational offerings and schools can complete by offering constant innovation and improvement.

Public school boards banning Christmas has awakened you to a problem. But your problem is not only Christmas. It is public schools every day of the year. If you value your country's future and the future of all children ... listen to My Voice and choose what is right in the eyes of God.

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Anonymous said...

Do you have any miracle soap or healing water or prayer towels?

McRyanMac said...

I'm going to publish what you write and include it in my Bible, write along side the infallible pronouncements of Holy Writ.

Oh, wait, that would be blasphemy...

But is it unforgiveable?