Planned Parenthood: Upholding Abortion More Important Than Reporting Rape

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Our Holy Spirit speaks:

Dear ones, your earthly governments are far too complicated with far too many laws. But a basic law reaffirming My Guidance that rape is not right is a law that must be taken seriously. You cannot enjoy a peaceful productive society if there are influential groups who put on blinders and do not acknowledge rape as a violation of right.

Your leftist groups like Planned Parenthood which hide evidence of rape to better serve their abortion agenda have sold their souls to ego-vested interests of the worse kind. They struggle with the desperate feeling which nags anyone who has lost touch with their individual sense of right in order to conform to the political party line of the group. Your prayer for them, to be prayed with utmost sincerity is: "Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do!"

Do not sell your own soul when taking action to stop the influence of such groups. As a "soldier of right," you can only be successful if you hold onto the love and joy and peace that is natural in your heart, making sure you attend to your own spiritual opening first and foremost.

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