Iraq Election Vote Turnout Huge; Bush Policy Allowing Self-determination; Sunnis Joining In

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Our Holy Spirit speaks:

Can you imagine what it would feel like after being a slave for years in an atmosphere of brutality to finally feel free enough to have a say in determining your life?

Democracy is not the best form of government available to mankind, leaving so much to be desired for those who truly crave freedom. But to those who have lived under socialist oppression, democracy feels halfway to heaven.

Ultimately every man and woman must say, "I am not a victim of the world I see. I am, in fact, responsible for the world I see." Those who fear personal responsibility and try to erect social "safety nets," must diminish; those who gladly choose the integrity of personal responsibility must increase. Maybe Iraqis will show the way for Europeans and Americans.

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I didn't find the film inspirational, just entertaining.

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