Boxing Promoter Don King: President Bush is a Revolutionary

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Our Holy Spirit speaks:

Your President Bush is not a revolutionary in the sense of creating a new form of government which will work much, much better than the old form. For that you will have to wait for a champion of a government not immorally funded by the theft or slavery which is taxation. Voluntarily funded government is yet to come.

On the other hand, President Bush has been willing to listen to My Voice as I have called upon your whole world to bring down regimes that murder, torture, enslave, and commit atrocities against their people. All have been called; few have answered the call. But those few have all the power of the universe working for them.

In that sense, President Bush can be compared favorably to America's early presidents who were revolutionary.

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See Jay run said...

Right on mr. prophet.

Umar Lee said...

A Don King endorsement, and I am boxing fan number one, is about as good as a Dennis Rodman endorsment.