Iran President: Holocaust a Myth; Europe Pessimistic about Future Peace with Iran

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Our Holy Spirit speaks:

The leadership of Iran has shown willingness to initiate confrontation (and eventually war) over the belief that Muslims have a superior way while Jews and Christians are corrupting their world.

Dear ones, your world can be corrupted only by your own mind, only by straying from that which you know inside to be true and real.

As with all who attempt to live with false pretenses, this Iranian leadership is sitting on Humpty Dumpty's wall. They will have a big fall and nobody will be able to put them together again.

Pray the Iranian people listen to My Voice of honesty and peace. See the Iranian people being true to their deepest inner knowingness and rejecting the political and religious propaganda of their current leaders. See the Iranian people opening spiritually as never before.

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Paula said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my site. You are right, the ego battles the Spirit, and what a battle it is...

Blessings to you,