Pope Benedict: Focus on Spiritual at Christmas; Do Not Fear Offending Muslims; Materialism Not the Answer

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Our Holy Spirit speaks:

Your Catholic Pope understands the difference between focusing on the world you see and focusing on the real world which is spiritual and seen only in its effects.

Gift giving is certainly a spiritual act of love. But allowing oneself to become stressed over celebration of Christmas is to lose touch with Jesus Christ, whose moment to moment presence is your here and now salvation.

If someone chooses to feel offended by anything you say or do, that someone is making a decision to lose touch with their spirit of love and joy and peace, their source of happiness. Only their ego would make such a choice, not their spirit. Do not serve ego-vested interests. Do not fear "offending" others.

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Clance' McClannahan said...

Hi...I found you over at Bethie's. I too am a long time student of ACIM and the Bible. You blog is lovely. Blessed...be always.