50% of Americans: Religious or Spiritual Transformation ... yes!

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Our Holy Spirit answers:

Actually, everyone has had religious and spiritual experiences.

The ego is attracted to structure, to solidified belief systems, and to defending forms ... qualities of religion. Liberal intellectuals who like to think of themselves as beyond religion are actually engaged in extremely strong ego worship of the idols of science and non-spiritual government.

Spiritual breakthroughs are experienced when ego is disengaged. This can happen in a church worship service, in prayer, in meditation, while fasting, while watching a movie, while walking in the forest ... almost any time and place. Everyone has had spiritual experiences and every spiritual experience is transforming.

All spiritual experiences are of equal magnitude because they are not of earth. You are lifted out of time and out of the world you think you see as real. Such experiences are especially facilitated by opening to one who has gone before you ... earth's savior, Jesus Christ. Yet those who diligently hold themselves closed-minded to Jesus nonetheless cannot escape such experiences because their true nature beneath all their resistance is spiritual.

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