Stanley "Tookie" Williams Innocent; Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger Innocent; Everyone Innocent in God's Eyes

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Dear ones, God does not see his children as guilty. In God's eyes, His Children born innocent have never truly lost their innocence. His Children make mistakes and while on earth pay for their mistakes. But they remain as God created them.

While Tookie lives on earth, he continues paying for his mistakes. When Tookie no longer lives on earth he is welcomed by his Father with open arms, a prodigal son returned. All is forgiven because God is forgiveness.

Your earth is a place of unforgiveness. But as you return to God your Father, forgiveness is all there is and forgiveness is total.

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Greg Hiser said...

Do you realize this "theology" of yours is completely made up? I sure hope you're not refering to the God of the Bible, because He certainly doesn't proclaim unconditional universal salvation.

G said...

Though I appreciate your comment on my blog, I had to come here to see this "belief" with my own eyes.

So what you are saying is we can go and commit as many crimes as we want - live it up with drugs, killing and more and as soon as we die we are forgiven and free?

Alrighty then!

Dave said...

Hi Prophet,
Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier at

Even though as a Christian I do not hold the same views as you regarding Tookie Williams, I appreciate you taking the time to open a discussion on my site. Hope to see ya back again.


Elliot said...

Didn't there used to be this place called "hell?"

Yes, yes, I know many people believe he'll be forgiven...

...if he truly repents.

But that's one heck of a big "if."

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

12 12 05

Well I think CP has a point; really only GOD knows what is in his heart and whether or not his change was for real. I don't get all the hatred people have in their hearts for the guy; YES he killed people and he has been in prison to pay for it. And he will be better off in the afterlife, provided he truly repented. When that one woman drowned her boys and blamed it on a Black man, everyone was so ready to lynch a Black guy. But when she admitted her own guilt, even Pat Robertson asked for her to get clemency. Why do you suppose all these people are so zealous for him to die, when those same people championed for her to live and she KILLED CHILDREN!!! NO THE STATE HAVING THE POWER TO KILL FOR WHATEVER REASON IS JUST WRONG!!! Yeah in times of war I can see it, but even then it is bothersome. Only God can grant life so why should humans have the power to take it away? I am avidly PRO LIFE, and I prayed about this and find it inconsistent with being for the death penalty. And yes, I have been a victim of TWO violent crimes in my life, so I know how it feels to be F@#$d up by a criminal!

Anonymous said...

One hyphenated word: horse-shyte.

I do indeed hope Mr. Williams truly REPENTS of his sins, asking the one true God for forgiveness, before he died tonight.

But don't pawn off some universal salvation mumbo-jumbo as authentic Christianity.

Bound For Home said...

I appreciate your visiting my site, but you are not the voice of the Holy Spirit and I would be afraid to state such things.

You have way too many inconsistencies in your message. All religions are not the same, God does draw boundaries, Marriage is not the same regardless of sex, Israel and Palestine will NEVER be at peace until Christ comes back and makes it so. I could go on and on, you need to get in the word and stop pretending.

A Christian Prophet said...

I cannot claim to speak for the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit speaks for Himself. But I do wonder why there are those here who are afraid of universal salvation. I never heard of that term before seeing comments here, but I would love to see ALL my brothers and sisters rescued from pain, sickness, suffering and death despite the mistakes they have made. Why would I want someone to not be saved?

Anonymous said...

If the concept of universal salvation is true hopefully Tookie is in a better place! it says in the Bible. You must be born again! I will leave judgement for our heavenly father as to whether he or anyone else gets to enter Heaven!...Here on earth we have laws and rules. Tookie took lives and created destruction and havoc! He had to pay his debt to society and the penalty was death by lethal injection.