New York Transit Strike Proves Intelligent Design

Our Holy Spirit speaks:

Dear ones, ask yourselves if human beings, even with all their vaunted science, really show enough intelligence to create a world of inexpressible joy and peace and happiness. Yet such a world exists. It just does not exist in New York ... or anywhere else you look where human beings have had their fingers in the pie.

I AM with you always. If you get your human philosophies out of the way and listen to My Voice you are led to a world of unimaginable peace where everything works smoothly and all hearts smile with joy.

My Voice does not guide you to steal from one man to give to another. I do not say: "Begrudge the rich and rob from them in order to give to the disadvantaged." My Voice tells you there are no disadvantaged because everyone has equal access to my miracles; and taxation is theft, which benefits no one.

My voice does not guide you to steal from some in order to make transportation more affordable to others. You have erected systems which were never guided by My Voice and therefore lack truly intelligent design and can only produce distress, pain, and suffering.

Pray with all your heart and soul that your fellow brothers and sisters grasp how inadequate their human perceptions really are and choose instead to open spiritually to an all-knowing Intelligence which will show them a different world altogether.

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