Has Steven Spielberg become possessed by Neville Chamberlain's Ghost? Is it Spielberg or Chamberlain Revisiting Munich in September?

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Our Holy Spirit speaks:

Dear ones, you have no idea how the world works. Is it possible for Steven Spielberg to think "Munich in September" and his mind unwittingly becomes stuck in September 1938 when Chamberlain met with Hitler and Mussolini in Munich and told them his official policy was appeasement of schoolyard bullies?

Much stranger things have happened. Your New York Transit strike could be solved by a miraculous insertion of common sense. Maureen Dowd could wake up and realize she can listen to My Voice inside and no longer has to be an enslaved puppet to leftist groupthink. Your scientists can suddenly see what garbage men have always known ... that the evolution of species is quite an intelligent design.

Miracles are happening all the time. Steven Spielberg would love to say, as Neville Chamberlain said: "Just trust in miracles. The threat will go away." That would be an honorable and honest thing to say. To the degree that Spielberg has lied to himself and attempted to mislead his film viewers for whatever reason, he has shamed himself by showing how to transform greatness into littleness.

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