Intelligent Design Now Considered Possible by Scientist

Our Holy Spirit speaks:

Imagine a being who knows everything. It does not have to be a god. If you believe in evolution of species, it can be a being a million years more advanced than the current human condition. An advanced scientist.

So this advanced being says to himself: "I'm going to figure out how I came to be in the first place."

This scientist of the future immediately throws out the theory of evolution because he can see far too many species which just popped out of nowhere, species which were not there then they were there.

But this all-knowing being notices that the species which popped out of nowhere have some vague resemblance to species which were known to have existed. It is almost as if there were a species memory bank that existed somewhere and when a new species wanted to form itself it borrowed a few elements here and a few elements there from the memory bank.

But where could such a species memory bank exist? Dead and gone species are supposedly dead and gone. Or are they?

This scientist asks: "What if dead and gone species are not really dead and gone? What if supposedly dead and gone species are actually influencing the evolution of species on earth?

"In fact, what if dead and gone species which lived on some other planet, let's say Mars, are actually influencing the development of species on earth?"

Such an advanced being would be smart enough not to mention such thoughts to courtroom dictators, true or false? Listen inside to My Voice.

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Free2Rocknroll said...

Hmmmm...I'm sincerely hoping this is a joke site.

A Christian Prophet said...

Hi Free!

It's whatever you want to make it. The Holy Spirit sometimes talks in riddles, sometimes in parables, sometimes jokes, but there is always some kind of teaching involved. So you can get a lot out of it or a little, that's up to you.

If you say, "Holy Spirit, I really, really, really want to learn," then this is a site you would do well to check every day because it will work to change your mind about what you thought was real, and in the moment of mind change when no ideas are held religiously there is great spiritual expansion.