Bush Not Assuring to Some Senators Who Want Spying and Espionage Investigation

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Our Holy Spirit speaks:

Dear ones, I assure you there are no secrets in your universe. It is not that I AM spying on you, it is just that I AM knowing everything that is going on everywhere during all times.

That is why it is so beneficial for you to make a dedicated habit of turning within and listening to My Voice. You will be told everything you need to know for the greatest possible prosperity and happiness. Would I leave you comfortless?

Heavenly beings laugh at your leftists making the noisiest noise over your American President's use of spying to protect America, because these leftists are the very ones who invariably create secret police organizations, KGBs and Gestapos, then encourage everyone to spy on everyone. Human beings are so much fun to eavesdrop on!

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Brandon said...

i find it funny that the holy spirit can't read. some of the “rightist" joined the leftist on this one.

and as far as secret police are concerned it seems that good old bush is getting close to that.

the beginning of no privacy

i laugh at heavenly beings who are republicans.

Jesus was a Socialist!

anyway i was going to respond to your response to my response. but something tells me you are and will miss the point i was and will try to make.

you should not be blogging in the name of the holy spirit.

but i know you will continue, so i give up.

A Christian Prophet said...

Brandon, I haven't heard the Holy Spirit defend Bush except to say he listens fairly good.

I can sense that you would really like to hear the Holy Spirit's voice inside talking to you clearly. You will have to give up all preconceived ideas because you will not hear clearly as long as you hold onto preconceived ideas.

gOdOfMiScHiEf said...

I agree with the KGB being leftist. But the gestapo was left wing? I don't thiiiiiink so..... the Nazi's were as right-wing, conservative and authoritarian as they come.

FreeRadical said...

godofmischief would do well to study history... Facism (the Nazis) is wholly left wing. Most all of the infamous regimes of world history are/were left wing. Liberalism speaks of freedom,, but they inevitably only allow the freedoms they choose. Even American Democrats will only allow freedom of speech when it is speech that they agree with!

True Christian said...


Anonymous said...

speaking of bush.

did the holy spirit know that the bush family supported the nazis? they made a good amount of money doing so.

rudinsky said...

ohhh my Americanski comrades...your presidenski is like our dearly depart Stalin, All power emenates for him and he can do no wrong...perhaps your holy spirit is reporting to him?no??? Like the holy spirit your constitution is a fantasy...

_H_ said...

godofmischief would do well to study history... Facism (the Nazis) is wholly left wing

It seems the person that wrote that should take their own advice , Fascism is the extreme RIGHT of the political spectrum COMMUNISM is the extreme left

many people get confused due to fascism (nazism) being called National socialism , so they assume that the socialism bit must mean left wing


The fascists violently opposed the Communists and Socialists right across Europe , starting in italy with Mussolini ( a famous right wing nationlist)

Mussolini defined fascism as being a right-wing ideology in opposition to socialism , liberalism democracy and individualism. ' The Political and Social Doctrine of Fascism:'

suggested reading

See H. Finer, Mussolini's Italy (1935, repr. 1965); R. Albrecht-CarriƩ, Italy from Napoleon to Mussolini (1961); H. Arendt, Origins of Totalitarianism (rev. ed. 1966); W. Laqueur and G. Mosse, ed., International Fascism (1966); W. Ebenstein, Today's Isms (7th ed. 1973); H. Lubasz, ed., Fascism: Three Major Regimes (1973); O. E. Schuddekopf, Fascism (1973); S. Larsen, ed., Who Were the Fascists? (1981); D. Muhlberger, ed., The Social Basis of European Fascist Movements (1987); G. L. Mosse, The Fascist Revolution: Toward a General Theory of Fascism (1999).

_H_ said...

PS for those in need of education . There is a nice chart Here