National Health Insurance

Our Holy Spirit answers:

Beloved ones, I AM your insurance. Listen to My Voice. I will teach you how to eat, drink, work, play and choose healthy peace and happiness each day in every way. Listen to My Voice, follow My Guidance, and you will experience health you could not have imagined possible, with no need for doctors or medicines.

An earthly government which gives to the unhealthy by taking from the healthy at the point of a gun is an immoral government. In such a setup there is no redeeming spiritual value and therefore no healthiness. From a heavenly viewpoint, a society with "socialized medicine" is seen as an extremely unhealthy society.

On the other hand, there is tremendous spiritual value to everyone when the healthy voluntarily help the unhealthy. Set up voluntarily charitable organizations. Encourage voluntary charitable organizations. Make it possible for voluntary charitable organizations to thrive. The healthy helping out the unhealthy must be voluntary ... then you will have a healthy society.

National Health Insurance

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