Arnold Schwarzenegger Forgives Stanley Tookie Williams

Our Holy Spirit answers:

Dear ones, please understand that lack of forgiveness is the final human trait to be surrendered before heaven is entered. Heaven knows only total forgiveness.

You have been forgiven from the start. When Adam and Eve came to see good and evil and thus expelled themselves from the heavenly garden ... you were immediately forgiven. There has never been a time when God has not proclaimed your forgiveness even though you may not have accepted this truth in your own mind.

There will be moments when Arnold Schwarzenegger totally forgives this former killer. In those moments, your governor will be very close to experiencing heaven. Should he then allow his human habit of lack of forgiveness to reassert itself, he would make for himself a hell more painful than is being experienced by his petitioner. Schwarzenegger will find it easy to choose the right course.

Clemency for Williams?

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