Liberals Admit Bush Iraq Policy Working

Our Holy Spirit answers:

History will give your President Bush much of the credit as population after population in your Middle East decide democracy and free trade are far more fun than dictatorship and terror. But Bush has not been the only one tuned in to My Voice. I AM present in the hearts and minds of all Christians, all Jews, and all Muslims everywhere.

Just as My Voice has always guided free men and women to volunteer to bring down dictators and set free enslaved ones, so also My Voice helps freed ones to decide what kind of society they really want to live in.

None of your forms of government presently on earth are serving very well, and not enough people are hearing My Voice clearly to establish a perfect earthly government. But freed people in the Middle East are asking how to live in brotherhood, free of fear and hatred. More often than you can tell by listening to your news media, people are hearing My Voice ... and progress is being made.

Bush Iraq Policy Working

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