Palestinians Open Gaza-Egypt Border

Our Holy Spirit's viewpoint:

Dear ones, please do not be afraid of open borders. For every terrorist who may be able to more easily travel, there are hundreds or thousands of peace makers who can more readily trade goods and services and culture.

Your fear would have you shaking in your boots at the thought of a few terrorists possibly causing pain, suffering, and death. But your fear is not who you are and nothing is gained by allowing yourself to be controlled by fear.

Peace expands dramatically in your world as people feel oneness and generate the underlying thought "we are all in this together." This is the truth and this truth is experienced when free trade and free travel abound.

Peace is infinitely more powerful and beneficial than fear. Do not be seduced by the seeming safety of seeming to separate yourself from others.

Palestinians open border

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Anonymous said...

It's really easy telling someone this when you aren't in the path of some Muslim with bombs strapped to their mid-section.