"Let's Destroy Judge Alito!"

Our Holy Spirit answers:

"There is no reason to be at peace and trust." This is the motto of those who wish to destroy their brothers and sisters to get their way in politics. They do not understand what many of you call the "law of unintended consequences," which is stated in heaven as "all things work together for good." Destroyers have no peaceful arguments, only shrieking fear rising from within ... the fear that they have chosen against God and now it's either destroy or be destroyed. They do not understand that even if they were to rebel against God, they would never be forsaken by God. Their desire to destroy is a call for help. Pray for these brothers and sisters with all your heart and soul.


Catholic Fire said...

I agree with your statement "Their desire is a call for help."

See my pro-life poem "Reply to the Author of a Green Note."


Intercaust said...

So when I have an urge to have sex with Judge Judy is that a cry for help?