Schumer Angry! Reid Angry! Alito Peaceful!

Our Holy Spirit answers:

Anger is not peace. Anger does not teach peace. Anger does not enhance the goal of world peace. If your goal is world peace, do not follow angry ones. Follow those who by being peaceful are teaching peace. Angry ones have forgotten that I AM with them always and I do not fail. Angry ones judge by surface appearances, knowing not what is REALLY going on. Angry ones fear needlessly, not wishing to understand I AM working in all minds. If you value peace, choose peace for yourself. In so choosing, you teach peace to the world.


Catholic Fire said...

Inner peace is what we all seek. In order to draw others to the Lord, we must possess that peace that surpasses all understanding.


A Christian Prophet said...

Those who attack are declaring their "littleness" and turning away from the gift of "grandeur." See Our Holy Inheritance blog: