Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito Divisive?

Our Holy Spirit answers:

Do not buy into the argument that one man, like Judge Alito, or President Bush, can divide a country. A country can only be seemingly "divided" when many men and women choose to feel "it's us against them." But the excuse given by those who are choosing to feel this way is never the honest reason for the feeling. Division is felt only by those who want to feel divided. Those who do not want to feel divided make a different choice, they choose to feel oneness with their fellow countrymen. Politicians and media who use the divisiveness argument would be more honest if they said, "I am choosing to feel separate from some of my fellow countrymen. I can let that feeling go and feel oneness, but for the moment I'd rather feel I'm right than feel happy."


Space Lobster said...

If everybody chooses to eat the lotus than there's really no problem. It's just those non-lotus eaters that create all the contention and headaches.

Libby said...

Actually, CP, in a sense you are right about only a few men controlling the country but here is where I disagree. There is a whole group of men who are causing divisiveness and controlling the country.

Let us use Christ as an example. He was one man and look at what he did, He changed much of the world, one man.

Shall we look at Hitler and see what he did to humanity? One man with many who stood behind him very nearly destroyed a whole group of people.

I believe we cannot depend on earthly governments for salvation but earthly governments can certainly destroy the earth/humanity and we need to be careful of that.

Here is a haiku I wrote that you might enjoy...

Like jewels on a path
life's many lessons are found
glimmering within



traderrob said...

Even so, let the country be divided if 50% of them choose to allow the abomination of abortion to flourish.

Stithmeister said...

You know what? This is sacrilege I'm sure but abortion is a non issue or it should be in many case. Abortion has very little do with making sure people have heat this winter and continued high fuel prices, be it gasoline or heating oil or natural gas. It won't feed the poor or provide them with health care. I wonder if Jesus was concerned with those issues because the administration isn't.

There are lots of divisive issues. Any issue one disagrees with is potentially divisive. If soneone fundamentally disagrees with Alito's or anyone else's ideology and their philosophies, then there will be problems. It's as simple as that.

In all honest, I doubt seriously they will overturn Roe V. Wade. Regardless of the "right or wrong" of it.

I could rant a while and I apologize for going overboard if I did. I just feel like there are more important issues affecting the American people than Roe V Wade right now and we should leave it alone.

Eddie said...

My thoughts exactly. For example, abortion divides us.

the nut said...


You believe there are more important issues, and that is your right, but abortion doesn't happen to you. Pregnancy doesn't happen to you. The right which you denounce as "unimportant" are primarily an issue of much concern to women. It is important to us.

I, too, believe it will not feed the poor and hungry nor will it heat their homes, but abortion saves the world from the many unwanted children the republicans don't want to provide for (I use republicans because they are who control the white house and congress). And surely food and heat are very important topics, if not just as important.

However, you diss women when you diss their concerns about losing their rights. And abortion is not the right that needs protecting, it's our ability to choose what works best for ourselves and our families without interference from any government body.


While I do believe you have a valid point, I think there is more to this justice than simply being a divisive measure. Bush has consistently ostracized us from the countries who used to be our allies. He still has yet to sign CEDAW because they won't take the abortion clause out of there. The Violence Against Women Act was renewed (thank heavens - more women's issues stithmeister) but reworded.

Divisiveness also comes from the 2 sides inability to compromise. Miers was an attempt to centralize the SC, but she was underqualified and now seems to only have been put out there so we wouldn't scream as loud for Bush's second choice. We used to be a more centered nation but now have to choose between two very polarized points of view. We as a nation have allowed so many issues become divisive, but aren't we supposed to be an individualistic capitalist society? Shouldn't each of us on an individual level have our own morals we feel we must stick to? And what makes your morals/rights more important than mine? (and vice versa of course)

And Eddie, using TCP'same logic, abortion only divides us because we allow it to. Instead of giving women the right to privacy, allowing them to self-govern and trust their personal judgment, our male run legislative bodies feel they must place laws on our bodies. How would you feel if suddently we insisted all men must have vasectomies? Such as what they did in China and parts of Central and South American until only recently.

ICP: you only wrote a short paragraph which I think isn't a good enough argument. I hope you expound on it later as the fury unfolds.

Catholic Fire said...

Jesus Christ came on earth to divide us -- brother and sister, husband and wife. People either choose to follow Christ or go the way of the Evil One. This country is already divided along those lines. The pro-life movement continues to grow as a result of the Roe effect, while the pro-death movement is weakening and is decreasing drastically because they persist in killing their young. It is impossible to be lukewarm in this battle -- most people or on one side or the other. Those who try to stay neutral and ignore the fight are actually making a statement of indifference or ignorance. God tells us that He will spit the lukewarm out of His mouth. People are accountable for both their actions as well as for their lack of responsiveness to His call. God calls all of His children to speak up in defense of the innocent in one way or another, according to their gifts and their vocation in life.
As a Catholic, the new Supreme Court nominee has a responsibility to make decisions based upon his moral and spiritual beliefs -- based upon his conscience and his personal judgement of what is good and what is evil. Because so few people nowadays have a conscience that speaks the truth to them, they find it intolerable that anyone who expresses strong views that conflict with their limited legalistic or narrowly focused, politically correct views. They are more concerned with following man-made laws that violate God's higher laws on a higher level.

Of course, there will be divisiveness with this nomination. As long as good and evil exist, there will be divisiveness. The battle we fight is not one of man against man or woman against woman -- it is a spiritual battle.

A word to "The Nut" -- the worst kind of violence a woman can endure is the trauma of abortion, which is a vicious attack on her body that results in physical pain and mutilation, short-term and long-term adverse effects,including: post-traumatic stress syndrome,
moderate to severe depression, suicide, recurrent nightmares,
endometriosis, breast cancer, infertility, infections, stroke,etc. I could go on and on.

God always provides for his children -- all of them. He loves each of us unconditionally and desires life for all His children -- not just for some. No woman wants to murder her unborn child, but because women are lied to by the abortionists and others in the pro-death movement who kill for MONEY and profit from the death of the unborn and are told that it is only a piece of "tissue" and NOT A BABY to ease their consciences or to provide a way out of a difficult situation, some sucuumb to the evil. There are alternatives to abortion --desirable options that do not destroy the mother, the child, the father, or the family.

Every woman has the right to choose what she wants to do with her body -- destroy it along with her unborn child and commit serious sin or to do what she knows in her heart is right and follow a higher law and obey the will of God. In the same way, God can decide whether we go to Heaven or to Hell. He gives us the freedom to do things our way or His way.

You are in my prayers.

nick d said...

One man can be divisive. Any one person's actions can and do affect those around him and so on.

If what you preach, this form of "bygones be bygones", it sounds similar to paficism. What will paficist actions accomplish in this world? Peace yes, but its not a true peace.

If you are outraged by an action, take a stand. Non-violence and turning the other cheek can only get you so far. Sometimes you need to fight for your beliefs.

That's what we are seeing today in this country. People with strong passions for the opinions fighting for the future of their compatriots.

the nut said...

A word to "The Nut" -- the worst kind of violence a woman can endure is the trauma of abortion, which is a vicious attack on her body that results in physical pain and mutilation, short-term and long-term adverse effects,including: post-traumatic stress syndrome,
moderate to severe depression, suicide, recurrent nightmares,
endometriosis, breast cancer, infertility, infections, stroke,etc. I could go on and on.

I do believe the worst kind of trauma a woman can go through is being killed by her husband/significant other during an abusive episode.

I will not deny that the effects of abortion on women are not great, but I will say that "fibroymalgia,
endometriosis, breast cancer, infertility, infections, stroke" are none of these. Do provide accurate medically based information to back this up please.

The breast cancer link has been proven false over and over again. Fibroymalgia and endometriosis happens to many women whether they have an abortion or not. As for infertility, infections and stroke, these will definitely happen once abortion is made illegal and back alley abortions will thus become the norm. Is outlawing abortion, thus subverting a population to slavery, really so important that you and others against choice are willing to sacrifice the rights of women for?

History has proven that abortions existed long before it was made legal (even during biblical times) in 1973 and what those women had to go through I do not wish on anyone, even those of you against my right to bodily autonomy.

Catholic Fire said...

The Nut said, "I do believe the worst kind of trauma a woman can go through is being killed by her husband/significant other during an abusive episode."

I disagree with this. I would rather be killed than submit my child to the torture and excruiciatingly painful torment of dismemberment and death by abortion. I would rather be killed than to be subjected to the invasive procedure of abortion which might cripple and disable me emotionally and physically for a lifetime, and harm me SPIRITUALLY for all eternity. I would rather be killed than endure the fires of Hell for all eternity. To be separated from all that is good and to be surrounded by evil forever is not something to be taken lightly. It is would be much more traumatic than the loss of my human body could ever be.

This small space does not allow for all the documentation you have requested. I have posts on my blog and links to the necessary medical documentation if you truly desire to learn more. All of the information I provided is backed up by sound medical research.

As for "bodily autonomy" your body and my body are gifts from God and not our "property" to do with as we wish. We are creatures of God made in His likeness and image. We are temples of the Holy Spirit and as such need to treat our bodies with respect and dignity, as they are tabernacles of the Lord.

Only God has control over life and death. When a woman has sexual intercourse, she naturally becomes pregnant. Her sexual organs were created for the purpose of child-bearing. She has a spiritual and moral responsibility to give birth to her child. If the mother does not desire to keep her child, she can choose to give her to a good family, as there are many childless parents who are so eager to have a child to love and call their own. Allowing a child to live rather than torturing and killing that child through abortion is so much more humane.

You remain in my prayers.

God bless you,

Todd said...

Catholic fire. There is no need to worry anymore, you will not be burned at the stake for reading your Bible. Christ says that noone who believes in Him will be judged. You become a spiritual member of His body which makes you cleansed of your sins and able to stand before God. It is the only way we can stand before God. Even your conscience which you are foolish enough to think speaks the truth to you, comes from God. Has your conscience ever been tested? Has it ever been attacked or decieved? God is all knowing and is not impressed by you thinking you know other peoples hearts. He is probably not impressed by you holding His Law over their heads after sending His Son to die to free YOU from it. Christ's job was to share with the world the Gospel of God and to free us from the condemnation that our fleshly bodies and minds guarantee for us. Regardless how well and right you make your wordly decisions, the only decision God cares about is whether or not you recognize His Son as a revelation of Himself here on earth, provided for you as a blood sacrifice to atone for your sinful nature. Yes you CF. And you have a responsibility to correctly represent His written Word to others. How many of the women who have decided not to have an abortion and do the supposed right thing in their eyes, are still lost and without the knowledge of what Christ did for them...and still condemned to be separated from God for eternity? I'm hearing you carry on without imparting any of the knowledge and wisdom that has arrived with the new covenant of Christ's blood. The power and strength that is available to them, in their uncertainty to bare a child, is in beuatiful abundance,not from themselves but from the Spirit of Christ which is there's for the asking. Which takes supposed Christians like you to tell them. That's our job as Christians. And then let them decide and learn and grow from there personal decision. That's how God draws people to Him, not by any longer holding the Law over their heads. So,now grow up CF, in the Word, grow up spiritually. The role of the gov't is to save people from other people. To keep the rule of order. Not to bring people to Him under the threat of law. He wants them to decide of their own free will, and often making mistakes is a necessary path. The all knowing God looks at your life and sees sin. You CF. He doesn't look at your life the way you do. But even with all the sin in your life you may still be saved if you are in the body of Christ. This blog, christian prophet, is a pitiful, confused, prideful, quirky rant of a thing that has not gnat's hair of a bit of the wisdom and knowledge of the Lord as He has framed it in the Bible. Very typically catholic. Lots of ideas about things concocted by a tradition of people who are afraid that the pope and his buddies are going to say that they can't go to heaven. I'm never going to waste another minute of time at this blog apart from viewing any reply's to this. If you're going to preach, then preach the Word.

josh said...

Todd, I agree, and am also not returning. What rubbish.

the nut said...

good point and comment todd. this blog is way over in the 'wingnut realm' of which i want nothing to do with.