Senate Democrats Hopelessly Divisive

The RPC Blog:

While it may be a positive short-term maneuver, I question the wisdom of this move (the invocation of rule 21) over the longer term.

Our Holy Spirit answers:

It is never wise to seperate yourself from others, throw down the gauntlet, and declare "it is us against them!" A much better approach is to say, "How can we work together, because we are all in this together?" Democrats have been unwilling to compromise on almost any issue, and therein lies their growing marginalization. They are increasingly being seen as stuck in their dogma rather than open-minded and willing to consider that there might be a better way of seeing things. Pray with all your heart that Democrats learn to release their human-fashioned doctrine and listen to My Voice. Then perhaps you will see cooperation and real progress.


the nut said...

If I do recall correctly, compromise is a two way street on which the Republican's have not been forthcoming either.

John said...

Stop spamming my blog.

Bob P said...

Jesus said "No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead he puts it on its stand, so that those who come in may see the light." This sentiment is much more relevant to the point of Tuesday's invocation of Senate Rule 21. Democrats did not force a closed session to be divisive, as you claim - they are finally, in the name of all of us, trying to shine a light on the truth.

And it has been, and continues to be, Republicans who are unwilling to compromise in this respect. In fact, your description of Democrats as "stuck in their dogma" more aptly fits the Conservatives who hold power in this country. Liberals have been forced to yield to a rigid and controlling GOP on issues ranging from tax cuts for the wealthy to the repeal of environmenntal regulations, from the sanctioning of prisoner torture to anti same-sex marriage amendments which target and marginalize human beings for an aspect of themselves which is beyond their control.

Despite your attempt to misuse the words of the Holy Spirit to demonize Democrats, there is one thing of which I'm certain. The Holy Spirit would not condone lying, torture, prejudice, the abandonment of the poor and meek, or criminal manipulation of facts as a rationale for war.

Nate said...

I don't tolerate spam on my blog, sir, and especially not from someone who presumes to speak for the Holy Spirit. Consider yourself warned; next time I'll take it up with Blogger.

Streak said...

Either you are deluded or this is a joke, but don't pretend to speak for God--especially when your God sounds like Ann Coulter. Mentally challenged people have difficulty differentiating the voice of God from their own petty political goals.

risen_soul said...

God has revealed His will through the Bible, the canon is closed and we don't have prophets anymore. In the Old Testament they stoned false prophets ya know.

Tahoma Activist said...

The last comment intrigued me, because it supposes something that isn't 100% accurate. As far as my read of the New Testament goes, there was the threat (in Revelation, which barely made it into the bible anyway) of false prophets in the last days. But that doesn't mean that prophecy can't come to man. Now I am totally opposed to any sort of right-wing proto-fascist, zombie christianity like the prophet here seems to espouse, but I think it's wrong to assume that no prophets can come to Earth after Jesus. I mean, look at Gandhi, or Martin Luther King, or Margaret Mead, or many of the incredible folks who have come forward to improve the spiritual and physical lives of the people of the Earth. Seems to me that Jesus, if he ever really existed, never went away, and is always working in our hearts to create the true Kingdom of Heaven. And if we gently nudge lunatics like "christian prophet" here and Scalito to the side, perhaps we can make our way a little closer to that Kingdom in our lifetimes.

Do you get what I'm saying here, folks? Would you like a place where reasonable discourse is cherished and ideas relevant to working people are discussed in detail? Then come to the American Peoples Congress at and get it on!

Peace and God bless.