What do you really, really, really want?

Some people remark:

It seems like heaven is so far off. Struggling for good sometimes leaves us tired.

Our Holy Spirit answers:

Be at peace and let go of your struggle. I AM with you always and I AM in heaven. Do you not see that heaven is with you always? There is nothing to do. Only be at peace and allow yourself to experience the heaven that is your birthright. The question is: what do you really, really, really, really want? If you focus on earthly things, wanting earthly things, you will receive earthly tribulations, pain, fear, and guilt. If you want ONLY heaven, you will soon find yourself experiencing heaven. Heaven is yours to experience as you choose. There is no need to struggle for good because as a child of God you are already good. There is only a need to listen inside and peacefully do as instructed by My Voice. Will you be serving Me in the world if you do this? Of course, but it will not be a struggle. Working for me is no struggle, only joy.

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