What about leftists who do not believe in God?

Ann asks:

But isn't it true that most leftists don't even believe in God?

Our Holy Spirit answers:

I AM with you always! I AM with everyone always. Non-believers are my sheep, just as believers are my sheep. I love none the less. My beloved believers feel my grace so powerfully, so surely, so wonderfully as they keep their attention on me. My beloved non-believers live in pain, and fear, and guilt. They use hatred to keep their attention on earthly images. Yet I do not leave them comfortless. Neither are you to leave them comfortless. While you are experiencing my joy, pray for those who would persecute you, including those leftists who foolishly do not allow themselves to experience my presence. While you feel exhaulted in my light, lift up into my light those who you would have been tempted to call "enemies." They are mistaken in their beliefs, but they are my sheep also. They are your brothers.

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