Does Jesus favor the religious left or right?

Our Holy Spirit answers:

This is such a silly question. Jesus favors EVERYONE. Jesus works to release fear from EVERYONE. Jesus works to establish EVERYONE in love, joy, and unimaginable inner peace.

If political left-wingers fear that capitalism automatically fosters greed and hurts the "little man," Jesus says to them, "Be at peace! Fear not! I AM with you always! There is no such thing as a "little man," except in your own mind. Has not capitalism given previously unheard of benefits to even the poorest? Do not confuse true capitalists, who are heroes in God's eyes, with business operators who are political lobbyists and beneficiaries of political favors.

If political right-wingers are afraid of a bureaucratically controlled society degenerating into de facto slavery of the working taxpayer and morally depraved orgies for the politically connected elite, Jesus tells them, "Fear not! Be at peace! I AM with you always! Your natural state is liberty and forgiveness of trespasses. Attempts to enslave or deprave cannot last for long and there are always marvelous lessons learned.

Left-wingers and right-wingers must learn that I AM working mightily beneath all surface appearances. They must learn to let go of their fears and trust God to take care of society. I do not fail.

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