Frances said...

I wish to know how I can be relieved of depression? How can I be rid of feelings of unworthiness and gain confidence in myself. I also ask for a deep on-going connection with Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Our Holy Spirit answers:

Dear one, your prayer is being answered. I AM with you always. Talk to Me often. Feel Me present with you as you would a feel a lover who is not physically with you but is with you nonetheless. It is only necessary to ask: "Jesus are you here? Are you here Jesus? I want to feel you!" Ask until you receive, then hold the feeling of my presence. I AM with you, and you need only form the habit of turning to me and holding me close. I will lift your depression. Do not try to lift your own depression. Allow Me. Let My worthiness and My confidence suffice. I AM with you always. Believe me when I say there is no value in a personal worthiness or confidence apart from Me.

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