JetBlue Airways Miraculous Landing

Brian asks:

Were you behind the incredible landing of a JetBlue airliner a few weeks ago?

Our Holy Spirit answers:

If only you could have seen the angels all around that aircraft, holding it up until just the right moment! The aircraft was aglow from the angelic light. But the effects of your prayers did not end just with the landing of the aircraft. Enough prayers were thought, whispered, and spoken aloud to significantly speed up the salvation of the earth. Please do not judge by surface appearances. There is always so much more going on than meets the eye ... or the television camera. Be at peace and be happy. I AM in charge of the salvation of the world, and I do not fail.

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Steve Jr. said...

Might it be a risky endeavor to attempt to speak for the Holy Spirit? I'm not saying you're wrong, but I would be a little leary of it, personally.