Help Wanted: Prophets

Steve Jr. said...

Might it be a risky endeavor to attempt to speak for the Holy Spirit? I'm not saying you're wrong, but I would be a little leary of it, personally.

Our Holy Spirit answers:

Steve, you are right on! If you are leery of hearing My Voice, you will likely hear your own ego voice more often than you hear My Voice, and it does not serve anyone for you to speak ego words. You would be better off remaining silent.

But I do need servants who will listen and speak My words. So if you ever decide to place yourself into My service fully, then pray with all your being to hear My Voice clearly. With such a prayer, I will open your inner hearing for you as fast as you will allow Me. But be aware the training is both intense and tedious. You must learn to recognize the difference between My Voice and your ego voice, a process which could take a long time depending on your willingness and dedication. I would then have you practice, perhaps for years, before I say to you: "It's time to go public."

It is good work and the rewards are "out of this world," as you would say. But it's not a job you jump into overnight like earthly jobs. You must be willing to free your mind of preconceived ideas, and you must be very dedicated.

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