Our Sin and our Innocence!

Paul said...

I think this is a good counterbalance to the traditional,"Human beings are basically sinful" interpretation that many denominations claim.I'm not actually sure what humans are, "basically." Our history on this planet has been extremely short - we're brand-new. And when you look at the things people do, depending on what evidence you select, you can find abundant evidence for either our goodness or sinfulness.As born out by the evidence to date, the best I can do is say that we're basically a mixed picture...

Our Holy Spirit answers:

Paul, hear My Voice and I will explain the sense in which human beings are, as you say, "sinful." A better word would be "mistaken."

As a Child of God, your true nature is total innocence. When you make the choice to relinquish your natural experience of oneness with God in heaven, choosing instead the experience of body form or earthly condition with it's accompanying sickness and suffering, you have made a painful mistake.

Yet I AM with you always and I do not leave you comfortless. Listen to my Voice. I convince you of the joyous truth of your underlying innocence and I correct all mistakes for you. If you allow me to lead you totally, I lead you totally back to heaven. Be still and hear My Voice.

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