Certain Unalienable Rights: Life, Liberty and the Acceptance of Our Function!

The ego does constant battle with the Holy Spirit on the fundamental question of what our function is. So does it do constant battle with the Holy Spirit about what our happiness is. It is not a two-way battle. The ego attacks and the Holy Spirit does not respond.

We will not engage in ceaseless arguments about what your function on earth is. We will not become hopelessly involved in defining happiness and determining the means for achieving it. We will not indulge the ego by listening to its attacks on truth. We will merely be glad that we can find out what truth is.

We will happily accept the fact that not only is there a very real connection between the function God gave us and our happiness, but that they are actually identical. We will never cease reminding ourselves of this truth:
“God gives me only happiness.
He has given my function to me.
Therefore my function must be happiness.”

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