Pennsylvania Federal Judge Who Worships "Science" Decrees School Censorship: No Intelligent Design!

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Our Holy Spirit speaks:

Your earthly "science" has its value but there is nothing on earth that can explain how your universe or your world was created. For a judge to dictate what can be taught in schools is ... dictatorship. Listen inside to My Voice and see if your own honesty and integrity wants you to allow judicial dictatorship to continue, or is guiding you to take some action aimed at putting an end to dictatorship.

Maybe you are finally beginning to see the problem with public schools. It does not matter that the Intelligent Design Theory is no more accurate than the Theory of Evolution. What matters is in a socialist public school system such as America has allowed, dictatorship will always prevail over common sense, spiritual inspiration, and truly useful education.

If you hope to reach the greatness that America once promised, you must do away with public schools. Parents must reassert their personal responsibility for the education of their children, even if it means parents joining together and creating neighborhood private schools to put local public schools out of business. Whatever it takes.

Neither your children nor your country can reach greatness with public schools. But allow spiritual opening and you will find greatness to be your natural inheritance.

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chutneypopcorn said...

Respectful Author,

I donot share the Christian Faith but have great respect. I fail to understand "IN YOUR FACE evangelism" of any religion.

To set up temples, churches and resources for people who are naturally inquisitive is fine. This attempt to bring in Intelligent Design, is not a equal right issues, this is just to push onces faith on others.

Everything in this earth changes. Science changes and we as a scientific community is constantly discovering GOD's wonder in my opinion or the magic of science for a person who doesnot share the same belief.

We may call it differently, one may personalize saying GOD, one may not do so. But for a person calling it magic of science is not offensive to us, since we believe that science is a part of GOD. Without GOD there is no science in our opinion.

But for us to "preach/teach" that it is GOD in school is offensive, since that is not their faith. It is like the hindus forced to convert to christianity by torture in portugese times and into islam by the muslim emperors by compulsion.

So what cannot they call it science. Why can't we see that Science is GOD. WHY DO WE HAVE TO CONVINCE THEM.

The entire creation in the OLD testament is in few pages. May be we where not given the details. They could be an algory. What are we as a religious community afraid of? Are we afraid the scientist would prove that GOD doesnot exist. If GOD exist would GOD let it happen?