Government Invalidates Property Rights ... Again

Our Holy Spirit speaks:

Dear ones, if an old woman cannot feel peace in her home without local officials taking her property away from her, then your country offers nothing of value. You do not want a country where somebody's notion of "common good" can ruin the lives of individuals. Make sure you tell your elected officials extremely loudly and clearly that the only way you want them acquiring property from individuals is to offer a high enough price to bring about a voluntary sale. Your concept of eminent domain is not a heavenly concept. It is an earthly evil, if there ever is such a thing as evil.

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Dave said...

I hate the liberal judges who upheld this decision in the Supreme Court. We need more strict Constitutionalists on the bench so we don't get retarded decision like this one.

No one should have the right to take my property, no one. Specially not if they are just going to give it to another private entity.

HolyInheritance said...

Hi Dave!

It will not do you personally any good to hate. Judges who cause pain and suffering to innocents by upholding laws written by human egos need not be hated. But work to find judges who will not enforce such laws.

Do not leave the door open for governments to cease property for public use. Everybody else has to bid until the owner finally sells. Elected officials must be held to the same standard.

Anonymous said...

Invasion of property rights? Have you gone looney? The laws were clear, the woman chose to disobey them and she was punished. God put the leaders in charge of this woman, and the people agreed on the laws. Those laws were simply enforced. There were no property rights to invalidate. You don't have a right to do whatever you wish with your property - or your neighbors could raise pigs next door to you.