Bush: News Media Negligent in Covering Iraq Economic Success

Our Holy Spirit speaks:

There are so many more positive events and happenings than negative in Iraq and everywhere in the world! News media professionals who do not report a ratio of at least 100 to 1 positive over negative are acting with extreme dishonesty.

Dear ones, your prayers are more powerful than you can possibly imagine. Heavenly beings wait only for you to ask with all your heart and soul, and mountains can be moved. Please pray that men and women working in your news media dedicate themselves to showing what is uplifting and inspiring in the world. You will see change.

In the meantime, if your news outlets insist on showing only negatives and attempting to sway you toward their predeterminded agendas ... do not reward such dishonesty with your patronage.

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Gene Redlin said...


I actually get it. I'm a long time pentecostal and you are able to prophecy accurately. I have been looking at what you write and doing as Paul suggested. I judge Prophecy. You are hearing from God. Stay pure, stay in tune and you are being used of God. Something we all hope to be at some point.

Gene Redlin said...


See Jay run said...

I tell you what mr. prophet, I think your right about the vile media. I hope that your prayers work to turn it around. Unfortunately, the bottom line seems to require that the news media react to its economic pressures. Today that means simplifying the complex and over selling the terrible. As emotional animals we react to those things strongly that affect our senses of fear and sexuality. Thus we have the sexualization and dramatization of the media. I hope that we find a way to sell knowledge, true knowledge, and real virtue. It's out there.