Best Movies of 2005 Inspiring Honesty, Loyalty, Courage, Patriotism, Faith, Family and Freedom

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Our Holy Spirit speaks:

Total honesty is supreme heroism in God's eyes and honesty is made possible by trust. Only the trusting can afford honesty, for only they can see its value. Honesty does not apply only to what you say. The term actually means consistency. There is nothing you say that contradicts what you think or do; no thought opposes any other thought; no act belies your word; and no word lacks agreement with another. Such are the truly honest. At no level are they in conflict with themselves.

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eyesallaround said...

I don't think it's that simple. People were not being honest in WWII when they hid Jews, but told the Germans that they were not there. On a smaller scale, I may withhold information from someone I love because it's not worth hurting their feelings. I try to avoid the subject altogether to avoid an outright lie, but avoidance is certainly not honesty either.