Australia: Self-created Backlash Hurting Muslims in Cronulla, Other Sydney Suburb Riots

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Our Holy Spirit speaks:

Dear ones, feeling separate from others is a form of resisting the reality that there is only one: if one suffers, all suffer; if one is glorified in love, all are glorified in love. To the degree that Muslims are taught to feel separate from Jews and Christians, they are being taught resistance ... and resistance creates an equal and opposite reaction, if you like scientific terms.

During your prayer sessions really see Muslim religious and political leaders teaching their people the truth of human existence on earth: "We are not separate from Jews and Christians. We are all in this together."

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Cartledge said...

Wake up! This was essentially a bit of naughty behaviour by a crowd of bored stupid kids. There was no religious element whatsoever. The Muslim leaders in Sydney where as upset as anyone, All the more because these ‘Leb’ kids were outside the influence of the mosque.
It does no one any credit to overlay religious meaning where it does not exist. The only shame is that, like kids of every generation, these hot heads carry a bit of idle fun too far.