Paris Riots Spread to 20 Surrounding Towns

Rampaging youths shoot at police and fire fighters amid criticism that socialist government has ignored problems in Muslim neighborhoods. -Associated Press

Our Holy Spirit answers:

Dear ones, this is how your ego speaks: "I am not responsible for anything and I am entitled to whatever I can get out of others." If you build an earthly government based on ego principles, you will see recurring rioting or fighting until it is decided an iron hand is needed to keep people in line. Then you will have depression and lackluster existence. Here is how a truly free man or woman speaks: "I am responsible for how I choose to see the world. I choose to see myself not as a victim, but as the captain of my fate. I am willing to work hard and I am entitled to what I am able to produce. I ask for no more, but I demand no less. I am charitable because in giving to my brothers I am giving to myself. But my charity must be voluntary or it has no value."

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Freedom Fighter said...

Interesting sentiment,Prophet.
We will see whether France returns tothe Church or becomes part of Eurabia.