Jimmy Carter Condemns Abortion Culture

Former President Jimmy Carter yesterday condemned all abortions and chastised his party for its intolerance of candidates and nominees who oppose abortion. -Washington Times

Our Holy Spirit answers:

Abortion is an attempt to avoid taking responsibility for the world you have created. By teaching your female children that it is okay to choose sex because they will not be held responsible for the consequences, you are teaching them that there is no law of responsibility. I guarantee you, there is a law of the universe that says you cannot escape the results of your actions.

Teach your female children self-control. Teach them to not choose sex if they have not been guided by My Voice and have been prepared to give birth to a child. This is teaching responsibility.

If mistakes are made, forgive as I forgive. As always, teach them to listen to My Voice for guidance. Sometimes I will speak of the unbelievable benefits of having a child and raising a child. Sometimes I will suggest having the child and allowing someone else to enjoy the benefits of raising the child, perhaps a relative or an adopting couple. The child is innocence itself and I have said My task is to bring innocence to earth.

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web_loafer said...

What.....Jimmy Boy said nothing of the kind....not in his deeds.....

He never once appointed a pro-life judge to a court opening.

He is a skunk in sheeps clothing.

If you think abortion is wrong,

Jimmy Dude, ain't on your side.

Please Source this statement by the bigoted baptist....