Liberal Church Warned by IRS

Our Holy Spirit answers:

Your spirit does not care if your government forces you to turn over some of your rightful assets to support programs you never would have supported voluntarily, true or false? Listen inside, true or false?

Taxation is a form of theft. Or since you probably have to work for a living, you are literally living under a system of slavery, working part of your day for your government masters.

In a spiritually-guided world everyone would be exempt from taxation, not just churches. But in your zany world of church-state separation, especially churches should be exempt.

Better yet, create a government that is entirely voluntarily funded and does only those things for which assets are voluntarily donated. Churches are asked to operate under these reasonable conditions. Why should governments be exempt?

Church may lose tax-exempt status

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Katie said...

You know Christ didn't say we shouldn't pay taxes in fact he said to give to Caesar what was Caesar's. Christ was fully God and Spirit filled, and he avoided political statements often working outside of the politics of his day and speaking directly to the hearts of people.

Your dream of a taxless society is utopian and nice but I think its pretty unrealistic. And I think the only place to look forward to a society without taxes will be when Jesus returns and creates a new heaven and earth.

Check it out Matthew 22:15-22 to read this passage.