Conspiracy to "Christianize" America?

Our Holy Spirit answers:

Quite the opposite. America is inundated by a well-orchestrated movement among majorities of college professors, lawyers, news media personnel and intellectuals in all professions to reduce the influence of spirit in America and substitute the worship of any pseudoscientific conclusions which might support so-called "progressive" (or Marxist) political dogma.

As Americans wake up to the existence of this anti-spiritual movement and say, "Wait a minute! I'm a spiritual being! And my spirit tells me what is right and wrong," they are accused of attempting to Christianize America ... as if America's history was always anti-Christian and now Christians are trying to introduce something new.

Most Christians do not care whether America is a Christian country. They simply do not want socially governing decisions to be made on the basis of intellectualism devoid of spirit. Christians will vote for a Muslim, a Jew, a Buddhist, a Hindu, whoever ... as long as they detect a spiritual willingness. Christians will even vote for an atheist who is spiritually tuned-in but will not admit it. What Christians do not want is a society ruled by those who will not listen to My Voice at all.

Article on "Christianizing"

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