Clinton Says Iraq Invasion "Big Mistake"

Our Holy Spirit answers:

Dear ones, I AM with you always. Listen to My Voice. Listen inside for your answer: the Iraq invasion was a big mistake, true or false?

If you are hearing "true," you are hearing your intellect, not your spirit. I do not guide you to stand by idly while women and children and fathers and brothers are being brutalized and tortured to death. I have guided you to action against murderous regimes far more often than you've been willing to listen and take action. The Iraq invasion was one instance when you did the right thing.

Your planning for war was fine. Your planning for rebuilding Iraq and establishing peace was woefully inadequate. Do not listen to those who say, "We should not have gone into Iraq." Listen carefully to those who say, "When we go into a region to establish freedom, we must go in with sufficient resources and planning to hold the peace."

Clinton says...


Anonymous said...

So, your god condones the use of torture and using White Phosphorous on his other children.
So glad I am not a christian

nate said...

Dude, seriously. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on one of my posts, but to personify the voice of the 'holy spirit' and justify war is not only comparable to slapping jesus in the face, it's pure lunacy. While jesus may not have been a pacifist, he was no war mongerer. And if he was so incensed with the actions of a man like Saddam, why create him in the first place? What possible justification can a loving, care-taking deity have for creating such clear abominations such as Saddam, or better yet, Adolf Hitler? Could the answer be eventual human growth? So millions die for humanity to learn some abstract lesson? Come on.
If God is a benevolent master, why are there children sold into sexual slavery every day? Why do thousands die every day for lack of the basic necessities? Where is this God you speak of, and why doesn't he lend a hand?
For every self-appointed, self-righteous voice I hear my hands shake with anger as I witness evidence every day that if God does indeed exist, we should impeach him.
So please, feel free to visit the blog anytime, but do yourself a favor and take a hard look in the mirror, read a book, then lay off the crazy pills. We've got plenty of that already in this country.

A Christian Prophet said...

You guys...

Do not think God created a world of pain, sickness, suffering, and death. God is the One who rescues us from the creations of the human ego.