Bush Urges China to Grant More Freedoms

Our Holy Spirit answers:

This is called non-appeasement. It's like saying, "Tear that wall down!" Contrary to popular opinion, Bush is a very good President for the same reason so many people hate him: he is in touch with his inner spirit, he has a pretty good idea of what is right and wrong, and he is not afraid to speak out firmly for what is right. If more politicians had these three qualities, there would be no end to the incredible progress your world could make.

Bush urges China


pinakidion said...

Based on your prophecies so far, the Holy Spirit is a Republican. Has the Lord revealed to you a righteous Democrat? If that is not possible, may I humbly suggest that you may be channeling the spirit of the GOP instead of the spirit of God. One letter can make a world of difference.

A Christian Prophet said...

The Holy Spirit uses Republicans and Democrats, as well as anyone else who will listen. The problem seems to be almost nobody is listening.

pinakidion said...

If the Holy Spirit uses Democrats, please reveal these righteous Democrats. All I have seen here is righteous Republicans and no righteous Democrats.