Welcome to Christian Prophecy!

You will like this blog site if....

1. You are in touch with a deep desire to open spiritually as never before and to experience overwhelming love, peace, and joy such as you would never have thought possible.

2. You live for no other reason than to serve our Holy Spirit, and therefore desire to hear His Voice clearly every moment.

3. You look forward to the day when all Christians are "on the same page," so to speak, hearing clearly our Holy Spirit's voice and shaping Christianity according to our Holy Spirit's guidance rather than according to earthly interpretations of the Bible.

4. You want to hear our Holy Spirit's interpretation of current political or cultural events.

5. You want to learn that there is never anything to fear because our Holy Spirit works unfailingly beneath the surface appearances in every situation.

6. You want to learn that there is never any reason to feel guilt, because all mistakes are forgiven immediately by our Holy Spirit.

7. You want to learn that a life free of pain, fear, and guilt is everyone's natural inheritance, reclaimed and enjoyed merely by listening inside and doing as told by our Holy Spirit.


Neilson said...

I want to feel all you have listed, and have tried many, many times in the past, but to no success. I have prayed, and prayed, and have I mentioned yet that I have prayed, and nothing. I never feel different, nothing ever changes, I never hear anything. I'm very discouraged, any advice?

A Christian Prophet said...

Our Holy Spirit's answer:

Dear One, let go and let God. You are trying too hard. One prayer, felt everywhere inside your whole being, is sufficient. Then go about your business trusting your prayer is being answered. Do not choose discouragement. You are not capable of knowing what God's answer should look like. Choose instead trust and happiness.