Prayer and Trust

Neilson says:

"I have prayed, and prayed, and have I mentioned yet that I have prayed, and nothing. I never feel different, nothing ever changes...."

Our Holy Spirit answers:

Saying a prayer is one thing. Really, really, really meaning your prayer is quite another. The first time you said your prayer and really meant it from the depths of your being, your prayer was heard and an answer set in motion.

If you pray over and over and over again for the same thing, it is like saying to God: "I don't trust that you heard me the first time and set an answer into motion." A prayer continually repeated due to lack of trust has the effect of working against you, your lack of trust blinding you from seeing God's answer showing up in your life.

One prayer, fully felt with all your being and accompanied with total trust in God, is all that is necessary.

Having made such a prayer, you need do nothing further. The universe will literally rearrange itself to bring your answer. You need only trust.

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