2008: What to Leave Behind, What to Carry Forward

To forgive is merely to remember ONLY the LOVING thoughts you gave in the past, and those that were given you. ALL the rest, must be forgotten.

The Holy Spirit wills only to make HIS resolutions complete and perfect. And so He seeks and FINDS the source of problems WHERE IT IS, and there UNDOES it. And, with each step in HIS undoing, is the SEPARATION more and more undone.

Let Him uncover the hidden spark of beauty in your relationships, and SHOW it to you. Its loveliness will so attract you, that you will be unwilling ever to lose the sight of it again. And you will learn to seek for, and ESTABLISH, conditions in which this beauty CAN be seen. All this, you will do gladly, if you but let Him hold the spark before you, to light your way, and make it CLEAR to you.

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