Al-Jazeera airs tape of bin Laden saying al-Qaida is making preparations for attacks in the United States.... Story link

Feds Seek Google Records in Porn Probe.... Story link

Maureen Dowd: Republicans seem like Jack Bauer of "24"; Democrats like "Desperate Housewives".... Story link

Hillary Clinton grovels in dishonesty, telling blacks that Republicans are like plantation owners.... Story link

Iraq Muslim radicals threaten to kill Journalist Jill Carroll.... Story link

American Idol judges Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson: "They don't love each other."... Story link

Golden Globe Awards push social agenda: Brokeback Mountain.... Story link

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin makes fool of himself attributing humanness to God.... Story link

Al Gore attempts to hijack Martin Luther King's (MLK) magnificence to cover his own littleness as he attacks President Bush by twisting facts.... Story link

Oprah Winfrey sells her soul; claims James Frey dishonesty not important.... Story link

Angelina Jolie's children get Brad Pitt's name.... Story link

Comatose Mass. Girl Responds to Stimuli.... Story link

Miracle mine survivor Randal McCloy breathing on his own, coming out of coma.... Story link

U. S. Supreme Court allows New Hampshire to slow down abortions.... Story link

Hilary Swank: "...there's a lot of love there".... Story link

New Jets coach Eric Mangini youngest ever head coach.... Story link

Despite Democrat McCarthyism, Samuel Alito destined for greatness on U. S. Supreme Court.... Story link

Condoleezza Rice stays in integrity- shuns White House.... Story link

Man solves Rubik's Cube in 11.13 seconds.... Story link

NASA joy! Stardust capsule carrying comet dust lands in Utah.... Story link

Dear ones, you must come to understand that miracles are natural and the rigidity of your world assumed by science is unnatural. Your world is not "set in stone," so to speak, and scientific laws hold only until they meet with miracle impulses. Your scientists are valuable for discovering laws that work in a limited universe. But your universe is unlimited, so your scientists may offer relief but can never offer salvation from pain, sickness, suffering, and death. Unimaginable joy, peace, love and life's fullness can only come from those who are miracle-minded.

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