Steven Spielberg Movie Seeks to Solve Israel Palestine Stalemate

Our Holy Spirit answers:

Steven Spielberg is not the messiah. He is not the one who can solve your Mideast conflict. He is, however, a messenger of God to the degree he listens inside and hears My Voice.

My message is simple. You are love. You are joy. You are peace far beyond what your human intellect could possibly understand. If you remain as God created you, there will be no war or conflict. Your wars and conflicts are started by egos who think they can gain by initiating violence against others.

Ego maniacs, like Saddam Hussein or Yassar Arafat, must be stopped. But messengers of God on earth are needed to stop them. Just as your soldiers in Iraq bring a message from God to egos who would commit atrocities; so your artists like Steven Spielberg, to the degree they listen to My Voice, can bring messages that need to be heard.

God's messengers

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