New York Man Becomes Jesus Christ

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Judging by surface appearances it might seem impious to change your name to Jesus Christ or even blasphemous for a judge to give approval. But I have taught you that surface appearances are not reality and judging by surface appearances renders you perpetually misperceived and misperceiving.

Jesus Christ is with you always and as you seriously allow yourself to open spiritually and dwell perpetually in His presence you will find out who you really are. It is almost as if you could say everyone is destined to become as Jesus Christ, for in the end there will be none left behind despite your popular novels to the contrary.

So now it is Christmas time and you hear of a man in New York who says: "I don't have to be Jose Luis Espinal. I can be Jesus Christ!" Earthlings might feel temptation to respond with scorn. Heavenly angels rejoice.

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